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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bonjour Luxury Scrub Gel Gel skin & fragrances mixed gold concentration . To help remove dead skin .It turns out naturally. Nourish your skin glow . Gel pink . The scent of the flower of Korea .      Helps to relax, as the luxury spa. Scrub the soft gel texture without irritating the skin with              Sparkle Shimmer helps clear skin . And the value of nutrients in gold 24K, and pearl powder .              Oil Rose Flower Oil coalitions to help clean & nourish skin firm . Skin whitening and shining like pearls. And can be cleaned thoroughly .          Moisture moisturizer that keeps the skin soft . Moist and not dry . You feel the soft skin of the onion .The fascinating to you.

Lotion for soft skin with a concentrated formula. But not sticky. And to care deeply.
With a light lotion. Reduce wrinkles. Skin and white skin with Moisture riser.
Adds moisture to the skin and collagen in skin elasticity. Look younger.
New with hyaluronic acid helps to replenish moisture to the skin. Reduce wrinkles and make skin look lighter.
And relax, clear your skin with the sweet aroma of flowers, plants of Korea immediately.

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